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The residences at the North Dasma Garden Villas include a number of facilities and amenities that ensure a comfortable and convenient life. The residential township complex was designed for the middle to upper class individual that appreciates a more traditional feeling home structure while still wanting modern amenities and features for convenient and comfortable living. The developers ensure that as a resident here you will have everything you need for a comfortable home life right there on the property.

The property was designed with a number of technological advances which ensure the durability and comfort you need to get from your home. We understand that a home is a huge investment and so they ensured that they invested wisely in all the things that would make the residences stand out above the rest and offer you the best value for money.

In the outdoor section there are a number of things you and your family can use to entertain yourselves. There is a Kiddie soccer field for the children and also a jogging path if you are into jogging or outdoor fitness. There are also a number of parks where you can also enjoy time outdoors. The grounds are fully landscaped and fully fenced for the security of you and your family. There is a guard at the entrance and exit gate all day for 24 hours to ensure that you and your family and belongings are always safe. There is a swimming pool and basketball court along with a multi-purpose hall that you can use for gatherings and open spaces outside for your use as you wish as well.

On the inside you will find that units come with lanais and balconies so you can have a bit of personal outdoor space without having to entirely leave your unit. You will find that the amenities offered here at North Dasma Garden Villas are really valuable. The units are affordable but DDC Land did not cut any corners. They give you real value for money with affordable units with mainstream amenities and features that are modern and that add comfort and convenience to your life and the life of all your family members as well.

The amenities and features found here at North Dasma Garden Villas both inside and outside of the unit help to make your life here more pleasurable, more convenient and relaxed. Apart from going to work and school you really don’t ever have to leave the community here at North Dasma Garden. Everything you need for a comfortable and good life can be found within the fenced property. This allows you to really be able to take the time to enjoy your weekends especially after a rough and hectic work week.

  • Club House
  • Play Grounds
  • 24/7 Security Guard
  • Gate Entrance with CCTV 
  • Swimming Pool
  • Basket Ball Court
  • Courtyard
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